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The easiest place to start on your journey to Finding Peace is picking up a copy of the Finding Peace Workbook. It is the fusion of a fictional storyline and a workbook that lays out a process of healing from attachment wounds and finding greater peace, joy, fulfillment, and purpose. As the reader, you become an active participant in group therapy while receiving the same homework as the characters in the book. Along the way, you’ll learn the framework of the Finding Peace model along with a vocabulary to help you understand why most of us react the way we do.

The format is an easy way to start the Finding Peace process, especially if you are hesitant to join a group or see a counselor. Come explore and find freedom from battles like depression, anxiety, body shame, addiction, and relationship challenges. Begin your journey to navigate through the shadows of shame, uncover the truths about who you are, and how to find lasting peace and joy from within.

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