The Finding Peace Challenge
Day 5

Day 5

WOW! We have learned so much on this Five-Day Finding Peace Challenge.
​In today’s lesson, I will show you how we peel off the layers of the Finding Peace Model to get to the core issues and solutions that help us find and remain in peace. 


  • Identify which layer of the Model you need the most focus.
  • Develop a plan of how you will address that layer of the model.
  • Find someone with whom you can share what you have learned and ask them to help you be accountable for following through on your plan.

Click below to download the Day 5 Worksheet.

Finding Peace is a journey, not a destination.  As we go through life, our wounds will be slapped, hit, poked, and sometimes reopened.  But it’s what we believe about ourselves when the pain is triggered that can cause us distress or peace.  Watch Philip’s story about how his negative core beliefs drove a story of shame and inadequacy.  Discover how he was able to Find Peace through attending the Finding Peace Retreat.  

Watch his story below. 


What are Attachment Wounds?


Identifying Negative Core Beliefs.


Shining light on the one thing that destroys peace faster than anything else.


Understanding the Numbing Two-Step that never makes us feel lasting peace.


Putting it all together.