Online Course  

An 8 Week Self-paced Program

“People with attachment wounds experience lasting pain if the wounds are not healed.”

-Troy L. Love

When something painful happens that damages our most important relationships, our life can suddenly feel like it is falling apart. Our joy crumbles. Anxiety skyrockets. Our ability to do the normal life activities we used to do naturally feels overwhelming. The pain can be overwhelming and can lead us to isolate, avoid, or numb. Our attempts to shut down the pain can lead to lifelong consequences.

Course Includes:

The Art of Peace e-book by best selling author, Troy L. Love.

8 Modules released weekly

Includes 7+ hours of audio/video instruction.

The Finding Peace Masterclass is crafted for you to tend to the wounds of the past and learn invaluable tools for lasting healing and peace.


Includes Exercises from the Finding Peace Workbook:

“…helps me find perspective in my deepest pain or strongest emotion.”

The Finding Peace Online Course is ideal for people who:

Want to have a better understanding

of the obstacles to lasting peace and what you can do to remove them.

Have read the book, Finding Peace

and want to take healing to a deeper level.

Looking to heal past hurts

in a new and step-by-step process.

Have experienced some healing already ,

but find yourself slipping back into previous numbing patterns.

Want to understand

attachment wounds better.

Ready to take the next step

towards self-care and joy.

I’m Troy L Love,
two-time Amazon best-selling author of
Finding Peace:

A Workbook on Healing from Loss, Rejection, Neglect, Abandonment, Betrayal, and Abuse and The Art of Peace. Both books lay out a pathway to finding greater peace, joy, and love. I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Sexual Addiction Treatment Provider (SATP), and trained in EMDR, EMFT, and Brainspotting.

My passion is to help people heal past hurts and find greater joy.

I love sharing my knowledge and expertise — as well as the experience and wisdom accumulated from 30+ years of my own healing and recovery journey — with people who are ready to learn, grow, and transform their lives.

What People Are Saying

“Troy has a calm demeanor that helps me find perspective in my deepest pain or strongest emotion. He compassionately listens while gently guiding me to a place of clarity and peace. He is experienced at getting to the root issue of many wounds to bring deeper, more lasting healing. Troy has had a significant positive impact on my life.”

Jeff Lark
Athens, Georgia

“Troy has the ability to make people feel welcome and loved genuinely. He is a master in taking difficult concepts and explaining them in an easy way that anyone can understand while motivating people to improve and take action. He is an inspired leader that helps people understand mercy and love through his example and treatment of others.”

Alex Cabrera
Yuma, AZ

“I have attended Mr. Love’s classes for over 15 years. He does a fabulous job of engaging the audience and keeping their attention. He is able to share and express life and work issues, especially in the realm of communication in such a way that has his audience self-reflect and come to a better understanding of themselves, others, and the world around them. He has a gift for setting up a scenario and taking you through it as he shows you how to problem solve. He has a great knowledge of his field and the human experience. He is accepting and non-judgmental. Finally, Mr. Love is passionate about his work and helping others. He is genuine in his caring of others.”

Jenni Welch, MSN, RN-C, SANE
Yuma AZ

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