Professionally trained in the art of Somatic and the Finding Peace Model, Sherri amalgamates your physical, emotional, and intimate selves for a holistic wellness experience.

Her life mission, rooted in resilience from overcoming numerous life adversities, is dedicated to empowering you and fostering a more intimate connection with your body and soul. Embark on a journey led by Sher, where she draws upon years of comprehensive study on intimacy, relationships, and self-connection. Sher’s ambition transcends traditional limits, aiming to liberate you from the shadows of anxiety and past traumas, thus paving the way to unleashing your true essence.

Share your deepest desires and hidden fantasies and prepare to transcend beyond the mundane. Bid farewell to what no longer serves you, unlock levels of intimacy you never thought possible, and unleash a powerful, confident, and more confident and sexier you. Embrace the art of a Zensual life with Sherri Elliott-Yeary!

Trained via Somatica, Sher’s intimacy and relationship coach commitment extends beyond the sexual realm. Her holistic approach and unique guidance style will help you identify and overcome the barriers standing in your way to your quintessential Zensual life. Together, you’ll navigate through unsettling feelings and heal them with empathy. Through this empathic transformation, Sher guides you past life’s rough patches towards wholeness, bringing you closer to your true self while forming a deeper connection to your body.

This transformative journey may initially seem daunting, but Sher is with you as a guide, holding a safe space for growth and transformation. Welcome to a world replete with profound intimacy, tantalizing possibilities, and professional guidance that enhances intimacy and helps with self-discovery – the Zensual Gal way!

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