As Practitioners

These individuals possess extensive knowledge and empowering tools to guide you through the transformative journey of life. Our practitioners understand the profound impact of attachment wounds and negative core beliefs, enabling them to unlock your true potential. Equipped with the Finding Peace Certification program, our practitioners are skilled in supporting clients to create the life they desire.

Unleash your potential and make a profound difference in the lives of others by finding joy, peace, and abundance with the guidance of our dedicated Certified Practitioners.

Jack Brown
FP Certified Practitioner
Jane Smith
FP Certified Practitioner
Mary Doe
FP Certified Practitioner
Christopher D Craig
FP Certified Practitioner
Lifelong student. Avid reader. Growth advocate. General problem solver.

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Your Own Light

Learn how to own your gifts, talents, and strengths to inspire and help others to discover their truth.

Coaching Mastery

Learn how to support your clients in being authentic, vulnerable, and honest as they take action towards creating the life they desire.

Powerful Tools

Master strategies to help your clients develop emotional intelligence, stronger integrity, and live abundantly.

A Community

Be part of a heart-centered community of Finding Peace practitioners where together you support each other in success.


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