Use your light

and talents to help others boldly face the shadows of shame, courageously cultivate deep inner mastery, bravely enter into the hearts of your clients and daringly transform the world for good.

The Shadows of Shame hijack our lives now more than ever.

Without tools to conquer them, we hide behind masks, numb our pain, and screw up our most intimate relationships.

Using the Model in Your Practice

Incorporating the Finding Peace trauma-informed approach into your therapeutic practice can profoundly benefit both your business and your clients. By adopting this model, you create a safe and supportive environment where clients feel understood and validated, fostering trust and rapport. This leads to increased client retention and referrals as individuals recognize the effectiveness of your approach. Furthermore, a trauma-informed framework enhances your ability to address the root causes of clients’ issues, resulting in more meaningful and sustainable therapeutic outcomes. As you prioritize sensitivity, empathy, and empowerment in your practice, clients are more likely to experience profound healing and growth, ultimately solidifying your reputation as a compassionate and effective therapist.

You can Make a Difference.

As Practitioners

we know that our clients often struggle with finding joy, peace, and abundance in their lives. When our clients experience attachment wounds like loss, rejection, abandonment, betrayal, neglect, and abuse, especially as children, negative core beliefs such as not being enough can be embedded into the nervous system leaving life-long suffering. And as a result, their brains work tirelessly to prevent their attachment wounds from being triggered again, even if it results in using compulsive behaviors to numb the pain.

This is for you if:

You have

a strong desire to help your clients understand the root cause of their behaviors and decisions.

You strive

to create a safe environment where clients feel comfortable sharing their experiences without fear of judgment or re-traumatization.

You are

looking for powerful tools to positively impact the work you do to help others reach their desired goals.

You are

eager to learn proven tools that empower your clients to be their best selves.

You want

to wake up every morning excited to help clients on the path to peace and abundance.

By Becoming a Finding Peace Certified Facilitator

You Will Receive

Trauma-Informed Training

Over 30 hours of live training  to help you deepen your capacity to help clients with their trauma.

Ready To Use

Curriculum you can use in individual, group, and couples work. This takes the pressure off so you can use your energy more effectively.

Powerful Tools

Master strategies to help your clients develop emotional intelligence, stronger integrity, and live abundantly.

A Community

Be part of a heart-centered community of Finding Peace practitioners where together you support each other in success.


Be listed as a Certified Provider on the Finding Peace Consulting Website and build your business. This adds to  your credibility.


The Three-Step Process

Module 1

Beginning and Endings, Role, Purpose, Coaching vs. Counseling, and Ethics

Module 2

Trauma-informed Care

Module 3

Attachment Wounds & Core Beliefs

Module 4

Understanding the Core Issue and Developing a Plan

Module 5

Core Emotions, Mutated Emotions, and Numbing

Module 6

Shadows of Shame and Finding the Truth

Module 7


Module 8

Mind, Body, Spirit, and Energy

Module 9

Research-based Strategies to create lasting change in the brain.

Module 10

Relationships Dynamics and the Finding Peace Process

Module 11

Common Challenges

Module 12

Group Work


In addition to the General Certification, you can earn additional certifications in:

Path to Freedom
Recovery Program

Finding Peace in Relationships