Finding Peace Book

Finding Peace is a workbook on healing from loss, neglect, rejection, abandonment, betrayal, and abuse. It is a guide to your personal journey to find peace. It can be used alone, with a group, in group therapy or in one on one therapy.

Human beings are wired for connection – physically, emotionally, neurologically, and spiritually. When something happens to damage our most important relationships, there can be lifelong consequences. Finding Peace is the fusion of a fictional storyline and a workbook that describes the Core of Peace, a model of healing from the wounds of loss, rejection, abandonment, betrayal, neglect, and abuse.


This book is for anyone serious about healing these attachment wounds, ready to become honest about changing their life, and willing to be vulnerable. The book explores the lives of eight different characters who meet together for eight weeks to explore the underlying reasons why they battle depression, anxiety, depression, body image issues, and relationship challenges.


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