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Transform Your Life with "Finding Peace"

Finding Peace: A Practical and New Approach to Transform Your Life and Heal From Loss, Rejection, Neglect, Abandonment, Betrayal, and Abuse.

When something painful happens that damages our most important relationships, our life can suddenly feel like it is falling apart. Our joy crumbles. Anxiety sky-rockets. Our ability to do the normal life activities we used to do naturally feels overwhelming. The pain can be overwhelming and can lead us to isolate, avoid, or numb. Our attempts to shut down the pain can lead to lifelong consequences.


Common causes that can create attachment wounds are:

Losing a loved one

Financial struggles

Being told we are not good enough

Neglect from family members or a spouse

Betrayal by a spouse or close friend

Physical abuse

Sexual abuse

Finding Peace is the fusion of a fictional storyline and a workbook that lays out a process of healing from attachment wounds and finding greater peace, joy, fulfillment, and purpose.


The book places the reader as the tenth member of a group of people meeting together to explore and find freedom from their battles of depression, anxiety, depression, body image issues, addiction, and relationship challenges.


The reader accompanies them on the journey to navigate through the shadows of shame, uncover the truths about who they are and how they can find lasting peace and joy from within.


The Finding Peace Process Helps You:

Learn powerful grounding tools that can lead to great stability and purpose.

Learn how to rewrite the negative messages into personal messages of hope, freedom, and joy.

Explore how to create meaningful connection that leads to deeper courage, love, healing, and ultimately lasting peace.

Find Relief from Pain and Heal with Troy Love

A Troy L. Love (LCSW) is on a quest to help individuals, couples, and organizations find greater peace, joy, happiness, and success.

About the Author

Troy L. Love (LCSW) is on a quest to help individuals, couples, and organizations find greater peace, joy, happiness, and success.


Troy serves as the President and Clinical Director of Yuma Counseling Services. He has over 20 years of experience in the mental health field. Troy received his Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh, PA in 2000 and much of his training has focused on addiction recovery. Troy also received Certification in Human Resource Studies from Cornell University.


Working one-on-one with a coach can you help clarify your goals, remove obstacles, create an action-driven plan to eliminate your shadows of shame, and empower you to find peace. Yes, there will be work for you to do, but you will not be doing it alone. There are proven strategies, and a step-by-step process you need to beat back those shadows that keep you from achieving the life you dream of living.


Troy specializes in working with individual’s trauma-related concerns, couples struggling in their relationships, and individuals who numb their pain through compulsive or addictive behaviors. Troy also helps couples find deeper connection. Troy is training in EMDR, a research-based treatment for trauma survivors, Brainspotting, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, and addiction recovery.


Troy uses his unique set of skills to help individuals seeking personal healing and for organizations who are seeking to improve outcomes. Troy’s workshops, lectures, and group discussions have helped hundreds of people explore sensitive issues, increase understanding, and f take action towards change. His down-to-earth, humorous, teaching style helps participants feel safe enough to examine their core issues required for change.


Troy resides in Yuma, Arizona with his wife, two children, two dogs.

Troy’s Personal Journey

Troy never set out to do what he does. As a freshman in college, he struggled to identify a career until he took a Social Work 101 course that started him on a path of self-exploration, personal recovery, and leadership development. Troy was trained in addiction recovery as an intern at Gateway Rehabilitation Center while getting his Masters in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh. Shortly after graduating he moved to the rural town of Yuma Arizona and worked as a clinical social worker and a medical social worker for 5 years.


Troy returned to school and obtained a certification from Cornell University in Human Resource Studies. He then was promoted to a Human Resources Leadership Consultant, working with leaders at Yuma Regional Medical Center.


Following His Heart

As happy as he was, something kept urging him to do something different. There were tools that he was learning that needed to be shared with a much larger audience. After two years of persistent spiritual gnawing (and attempting to ignore it), he gave his boss three months notice and started his own private practice.


He threw himself into building a business with only the foundational HR experience he had learned from the past five years. He began crafting a model of healing that could be used in individual settings as well as the corporate world
As his business continued to grow, the urge to find new ways of sharing the model of healing he had discovered over the course of his life continued to grow. He started working on a book in 2014 and finally published it in MAY 2017.

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